About us

Centervends is your one-stop web services solutions provider.

Experienced web development professionals on a mission to give vendors and individuals alike THE RIGHT PLACE ONLINE.

Who We Are

Centervends is your biggest fan; we are committed to your online success. Our portfolio of services revolves around web hosting & domain, web development, and e-Commerce management. Incorporated in 2021, we have built, deployed, and optimised websites using our platform. The aim is simple at Centervends—to help our business owners achieve global visibility and growth online. Think growth, sales, and customer retention, Think Centervends.

We are a service provider in the cloud-based web development industry, and we are geared towards touching more lives and helping more businesses.

Our team of professionals works to give clients support while innovating.

Our Philosophy

Building worthwhile digital connections on a global scale.

Our Vision

To become the preferred brand for custom digital solutions for sustainable business growth.

“We are committed to giving business owners a chance to build a functional, effective online store or a brand website”,

CEO Centervends.

Our Mission

To help our clients build an impressive online presence that enables them achieve their business and brand goals.

Our Core Tenets

  • Trustworthiness
    We have built an understanding that speaks to reliability and trust. Working with us, our clients is promised top notch service delivery without fail.

  • Professionalism
    Our experience is exhibited in the nimble delivery of solutions for our clientele. We are a team of well-trained personnel with one goal, customer satisfaction.

  • Security
    The evolution of technology has created a handful of security-related ensues in the public domain. This is why our products are built with your privacy and security in mind. Our websites run the latest enterprise standard security protocols.

  • Performance
    Our reputation closely aligns with continuous premium service delivery. Your website success is our topmost priority, while we are passionate and committed to bringing you closer to your customers. Tailored just for you, never worry about the kind of service you are offered or the solution's efficiency.

  • Elegance & Accessibility
    In everything we do, we have managed to weave in a level of grace and refinement that leaves our users pleasantly surprised. For us, this goes beyond the use of our products but how you feel.