Powerful features for your website

We'll help you create a site that's (almost) completely built for you in seconds. You don't need to be a designer or have any technical knowledge to create the perfect website with us. Here are some of the features we provide.

Fully mobile responsive

We always care about the responsiveness of your website our team already built many themes for you that are ready to go live with some changes and they all are fully responsive on all the devices.

Fast load time

People can not wait to see your product we have a solution your website will load within milliseconds.


Centervends makes it easy to set up an eCommerce store with advanced plugins by using these plugins you can easily integrate your payment gateways and other eCommerce functionalities.

Beautiful blog

Blogs are important to tell people what is your business nature we will provide you an option for bloging.

Domain name

We also provide Domain and Hosting to our valuable customers on demand.

Intelligent builder

By using the intelligent builder you will be able to build complex tasks within a second.

Website security

By using centervends your website will be 100% secure and will show the secure certificates in the browser.

Website statistics

Website statistics will show you the daily traffic of your website and other events that occur on your website.

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